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Michael Deem

There is a huge need for professionals who are committed to pushing the limits of science, medicine, healthcare, and life science. Michael Deem has been able to do exactly that over the course of his career. With a great education, a lot of experience, and a strong work ethic, he has put himself in a position to be one of the best research scientists, leaders, and business managers in the life science field. During his career, he has done research in a wide range of fields, such as cancer research, biotechnology, energy, genomics, artificial intelligence, and data science.

Michael Deem went to the California Institute of Technology when he was done with high school. After getting his bachelor's degree, he went to the University of California to get his PhD. He did a good job defending his thesis, got his PhD, and then went to Harvard. He kept pushing himself to learn, do, and find more. After he finished his postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard, he decided to keep researching in both academia and industry.

Michael Deem was put in charge of drug design at CuraGen Corporation because he was a research scientist. He was in charge of many different research projects and worked on making new medicines for a wide range of injuries and illnesses. He would look at possible drug targets, work with a number of other scientists to figure out which targets were good, and organize funding for different research projects to try to get new pharmaceutical products off the ground. This gave him a lot of experience in making new drugs from the beginning to the end.

Michael Deem has also worked as a faculty chair in addition to being a research scientist. Michael Deem was the faculty chair at Rice University not too long ago. He was in charge of running a department that was very big. He had to take care of 20 full-time faculty, 5 part-time faculty, 200 undergraduate students, and 125 graduate students. The Department had a budget of about $27 million per year.

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